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New Domain Name Extensions Are On the Horizon

Somebody pinch me. Have you heard about the new domain name extensions that will be available soon? Some are available today and others you can simply pre-register so that your domain with new extension is saved for you. No longer will you anguish… Read More »

What Is Internet Marketing Anyway?

We hear the term Internet marketing tossed around all over the Net and often it’s used incorrectly. By definition Internet marketing is promoting something online. This includes promoting products, services, brands or even yourself as a blogger. Sounds… Read More »

Getting Paid as an Affiliate Marketer

This is probably one of your very first questions and let me tell you with some programs it’s not always easy to find a direct answer. As an affiliate marketer you work hard to make a commission and of course, you want your payments (link to #10) as… Read More »

What to Do If You’re in a Amazon Non-Affiliate State

There are various reasons why some states don’t have an Amazon affiliate program. Online venders are not required to keep up with a customer’s state sales tax information. To require that would create a major headache for online vendors. Some states… Read More »

Want to Know the Best Way for Affiliate Marketers to Choose a Niche?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are many ways for affiliate marketers to choose a niche. It’s important that you put some thought and research into your niche before you put your time and effort into it.  Power Suggest Pro is my favorite… Read More »

Quick Affiliate Marketing Research Tips

  Sometimes when you’re launching a new business, especially an online affiliate business when you’re doing it all alone, it can feel overwhelming not knowing how to find the best path to profits. You have to know how to research niches and products… Read More »

Travel review tips by the Avanti Group: Better Bring Cash than Credit Card When Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad with credit card? You better bring cash American travelers prepping for their late summer (or increasingly common September) trip to Europe might consider the above items as standard for their pre-departure list. But there’s something… Read More »

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Read More »